Are all of your titles official releases?
Yes, all our releases are all officially licensed releases!
Where can I buy your releases?
You can get our releases right here through the website and our webstore! If you’re in Saskatoon, you can physically pick up copies of our releases at Unreal City -139 2 Ave N. International customers can also pick up our releases from our friends at DiabolikDVD.com (United States) and StrangeVice.co.uk (United Kingdom).
Do you ship worldwide?
You bet! We ship worldwide via CanadaPost. All shipping + handling prices are the actual costs to ship, so we don’t over inflate the prices, so buy with confidence knowing you are not getting charged extra for unfair postage but the correct rates.
Will your VHS releases play on a PAL VCR?
All of our VHS releases are NTSC, meaning they will play back in all North American VCRs, or worldwide VCRs that support NTSC. They will not playback in strictly PAL or SECAM players.
What happened to the video store? Will you be open again?
Unfortunately the video rental side of Videonomicon is no longer as the physical space we shared in with a local record shop went out of business. We currently have no plans to re-open this side of things as the market was also very slow.
Are some of your titles available for theatrical bookings?
Currently both Ryan’s Babe and Science Crazed are available for theatrical screenings! If you would like to book either at your local theatre, email as at info@videonomicon.com
Are you open to release suggestions?
Of course! If you have an idea for a title we should look into, or perhaps are the rights holder of a title, get in touch with us by emailing us at info@videonomicon.com
Do you offer review copies of your films?
We do, but currently only our DVD releases, and we make sure to check reviewer credentials before agreeing to send screening materials. Reviewers can email as at info@videonomicon.com 

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