Science Crazed (1989) DVD!

New “Fiend-ish” artwork for SCIENCE CRAZED revealed!

THE FIEND LIVES! Check out the new reversible cover artwork by internationally acclaimed artist/Videonomicon co-founder Jon Vaughn for our Special Edition DVD of SCIENCE CRAZED (1989), which gets unleashed to the public on Tuesday September 8th, 2015, alongside our limited-edition VHS release – which also features this reversible cover art! Jon’s take on the face of The Fiend captures the layers upon layers of unending mystery that surrounds Dr. Frank’s big… bad…. baby!

“…one of the ultimate avant garde works of the straight-to-VHS era.” – Josh Johnson, director of Rewind This!

“You have never, ever seen anything like SCIENCE CRAZED. I promise you.” – Doug Tilley, No-Budget Nightmares


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