Not only tunes get stuck in your head! INSTRUMENTS OF EVIL coming to limited-edition VHS!

Videonomicon presents a new comedy-horror anthology that calls “absurdly funny” and “that hits all the right notes!” Created in the ancient mists of time by the Viking god Loki, four musical demons have left carnage and horror in their wake as they’ve travelled through the centuries, using the vibrations of music as a conduit across time and space. Now, as the harmonic horrors attempt to reunite and bring about the end of the world, can a cop, a hooker, and a warrior from the past defeat these evil spirits before the music stops… forever?

A combination of paean and parody, the music-filled INSTRUMENTS OF EVIL pays homage to the low-budget exploitation (or “grindhouse”) films of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, while also poking fun at their notorious excesses and absurdities. Fans of low-budget, B-movie madness will find enjoyment here, but be warned: not only tunes get stuck in your head!

Limited to 25 hand-numbered copies on VHS, and featuring deleted scenes, bloopers, liner notes, and more! Available to own Tuesday July 26th, 2016, or if you’re in or around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, join us at the red carpet premiere screening of INSTRUMENTS OF EVIL along with cast & crew on Saturday July 23rd to get a copy in advance in person! Price will be $25.00 CAD.

View the home video trailer below!

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  1. Dr. Congo says:

    Dr Congo is very pleased, under-fridge(s) scavenging has yielded the requisite amount for this purchase. Looking forward to a quality viewing experience via one of the vintage vcr’s that fill my living room along with a potpourri of ancient electric & pump organs to ‘ramp-up’ the experience as I become inspired by the gore & carnage, on-screen that is. Have a very normal day!

  2. Hey, you didn’t include a $$price, gotta know in-advance as my main income is collecting change from under back-seats of the cars (& crew-cabs) on my front-lawn. Depending on affordability I may have to dig out more clunkers from my backyard & maybe even look behind/under/inside my fridge(s). Thanks in-advance, Dr. Congo, PhD-abd.

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