Ogroff: Mad Mutilator

OGROFF: MAD MUTILATOR (1983) hacking its way to DVD & VHS!

Videonomicon is proud to bring Norbert Moutier’s underground gore-fest OGROFF (aka MAD MUTILATOR) to North America officially for the first time ever, arriving on DVD & VHS late Fall 2016! This French backwoods slasher, shot on Super 8mm, delivers blood, guts, dismemberment, and mutilation in spades among other surprises and plot twists!

For Ogroff, the mad lumberjack, the war is not over yet. Having lost an eye in battle Ogroff, the mad lumberjack, continues the fight he thinks is still raging by brutally killing anyone who enters the forest he calls home.

Details such as exact release date, specs, special features, etc. will be announced in the following weeks but we expect to have it out this fall!

Check out our home video trailer below:

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