Science Crazed - VNR0006

SCIENCE CRAZED coming to VHS and DVD from Videonomicon!

Officially coming to Limited Edition VHS and – for the first time – Special Edition DVD from Videonomicon this spring! Genetic scientist Dr. Wilbur Frank just couldn’t leave well enough alone, he just had to tinker with creation… and now he’s gone and made a big… bad… baby! As the now fully-grown creation stalks the hallways only Dr. Frank’s attractive assistants and Inspector McCoy can stop the asthmatic ‘Fiend’! Ron Switzer’s SCIENCE CRAZED is not so much a movie as it is a life changing experience – for better or worse! Will you survive these 90-minutes of sheer mind-melting insanity? This Canuxploitation rarity has been out-of-print for over 24 years, and now Videonomicon is ready to unleash the ‘Fiend’ to a whole new audience!

Both the VHS and the DVD will feature reversible cover art, one side featuring the original video artwork and on the other brand new artwork by Videonomicon co-founder and artist Jon Vaughn! We’ve got a handful of special features already in the works for the DVD, which includes interviews, audio commentary, and more! We’ll be announcing the full list of features when we reveal the new artwork in the next coming weeks. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out and share the trailer below:


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