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Staff Picks with Josh Johnson

Staff Picks is an ongoing series where we at Videonomicon ask select celebrities, interview subjects, and even random strangers to pick their three favourite rentals from our current in-store rental selection. Here’s what Josh Johnson, director of the award-winning documentary Rewind This! chose:

Penitentiary III

PENITENTIARY III (1987): All of renegade auteur Jamaa Fanaka’s films are worth a rental, but this film is his most unhinged. What starts out as a simple rehash of the typical prison boxing match story veers into surreal territory and never returns. This is the only film you’ll ever see that features a flying, crack-smoking, rapacious little person named The Midnight Thud.

Demon Wind

DEMON WIND (1990): This movie is pure. It is untouched. It is potent. Confusing and vaguely demonic events transpire, and we’re left to wonder about them in the dark. At a certain point, a man named Steve arrives. He pulls up in a convertible, performs magic for our characters, gives off a strong masculine energy, and roundhouse kicks a beer can into someone’s head. Just because. You already know whether or not this is your kind of film.


ELVES (1989): This should be your new holiday family classic. It has everything you could want in a Christmas movie: Santa Claus, decorated department stores, black magic, Nazi-created nude elf creatures, and snow. Everything you need to gather around with your loved ones and enjoy the yuletide spirit.

Staff Picks by Josh Johnson. All content copyright 2013 Videonomicon.

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