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Staff Picks with Josh Schafer

Staff Picks is an ongoing series where we at Videonomicon ask select celebrities, interview subjects, and even random strangers to pick their three favourite rentals from our current in-store rental selection. Here’s what Josh Schafer, the main brain of Lunchmeat chose:

Attack from Outer Space

ATTACK FROM OUTER SPACE (1978): I just love UFOs, man. When I was a kid, I was in the library checking out any and all books with UFO pictures and personal accounts of abductions, sightings and whacked-out theories. And me and my Dad used to rent so many alien flicks. If it had aliens, we were into it. I’m still fascinated to this day. I love it, and it scares the crap out of me (and my Dad). So, it’s a win / win! This is a re-title of UFO: Top Secret, with re-hash artwork from Interglobal. Look for it as Encounters with the Unknown with the only difference being old Rod Serling’s head slapped in the doorway! UP THE UFOS, EARTHLINGS!

Swamp Thing: The Un-Men Unleashed

SWAMP THING: THE UN-MEN UNLEASHED (1991): Now you know there was gonna be a cartoon in here, right? This one’s a nostalgia soaked chunk of analog glory, indeed. I had this tape for years, watched it a bunch and I ended up trading it away to someone for something. Damned if I can remember what, though. What I do remember is that this cartoon is an exemplary piece from the early 90s cartoon craze complete with lots of groovy creatures and a horrendously radical rendition of “Wild Thing” mutated into “Swamp Thing”. Pretty sure this tape originally came with an action figure (from what I recall), which explains the Kenner logo on the tape. Fans of cool cartoons and trips down Saturday Morning memory lane will dig on this for sure.

Blue Movies

Blue Movies (1988): And in the true spirit of rental store bliss, I’m gonna go for this one… because I haven’t seen it and I hear it’s awesome! I know, I know, this is supposed to be a “recommended” type of write-up, but honestly, if I was in VIDEONOMICON, this is what I would pick up along with the other two. I mean, I love sex comedies, and this particular chunk of the era was BONKERS. Throw in Don Calfa and some Russell Johnson (AKA Professor from GILLIGAN’S ISLAND) in his last film appearance, and I’M IN.

Staff Picks by Josh Schafer. All content copyright 2013 Videonomicon.

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