Summer Sale 2018

Summer Sale 2018 on NOW!

It’s that time of year when the days are long, the sun is red hot, and you’re sweating your ass off because you don’t have AC – or if you do, its cranked too high and you’re catching that sweet summer chill. So rather than enjoy the weather outside on the beach or at the pool you’d rather shut those blinds and curl up on the couch watching films saved from dumpsters and oblivion featuring clueless men, hallway-wandering monsters, French ax-wielding madmen, and other oddities. Well, you’re in luck because Videonomicon’s annual SUMMER SALE 2018 is ON NOW! Save up to 50% off all in-stock VHS & DVD releases from now (Friday June 29th) through to midnight Weds July 4th, 2018! But don’t delay as some stock on some limited releases is running dangerously low! Head on over to today and satisfy those weird summer cravings for cinema curiosities and catch those rays from your boob tube!

** PLEASE NOTE that all orders placed during the sale period will be shipped after the sale has ended, starting Thursday July 5th. ** We wanna enjoy the holiday weekend too, so we apologize in advance for the slight shipping delay during the sale but appreciate your understanding.

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