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Science Crazed (1989) DVD!

Something Is Very Wrong In Research And Development! Videonomicon proudly presents SCIENCE CRAZED, one of the Holy Grails of Canadian cult cinema available on DVD for the first time ever!

Science Crazed (1989) DVD!

THE FIEND LIVES! Check out the new reversible cover artwork by internationally acclaimed artist/Videonomicon co-founder Jon Vaughn for our Special Edition DVD of SCIENCE CRAZED (1989)!

Daily Grindhouse

Daily Grindhouse talks to us about our upcoming release of Science Crazed, plus exclusive reveal of the DVD extras!

Josh Schafer from Lunchmeat digs into the Videonomicon!

Videonomicon Screening Featured in the "Rewind" Documentary at the Broadway Theatre

Check it out! We’re on the big screen in a feature-length documentary!