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Ryan's Babe (2000) DVD from Videonomicon!

The Road Movie That Doesn’t Know Where It’s Going! Never before released, Videonomicon proudly presents RYAN’S BABE to the world for the first time ever – on Special Edition DVD!

Science Crazed (1989) DVD!

Something Is Very Wrong In Research And Development! Videonomicon proudly presents SCIENCE CRAZED, one of the Holy Grails of Canadian cult cinema available on DVD for the first time ever!

Videonomicon proudly presents OGROFF (aka MAD MUTILATOR), the first French slasher film! Officially available on DVD in North America for the first time ever!

Norbert Moutier’s OGROFF (aka MAD MUTILATOR), considered to be the first French slasher film, is making its North American debut on DVD and VHS from Videonomicon with improved subtitles and remastered picture on December 20th, 2016!

Ogroff: Mad Mutilator

Videonomicon is proud to bring Norbert Moutier’s underground gore-fest OGROFF (aka MAD MUTILATOR) to North America officially for the first time ever, arriving on DVD & VHS late Fall 2016!

Videonomicon Sept. 2015 Releases

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter VHS, The Complete Harry Knuckles Collection VHS Set, Ryan’s Babe DVD, and Science Crazed VHS & DVD are now on sale!


For those of you in our home town of #YXE, on Monday August 31st, 2015 we’re unleashing our first two DVD releases a whole week before they get released to the general public! So not only will you get to grab them early, but you’ll also get to see them with a rowdy audience on the big screen at the Broadway Theatre!

Science Crazed (1989) DVD!

THE FIEND LIVES! Check out the new reversible cover artwork by internationally acclaimed artist/Videonomicon co-founder Jon Vaughn for our Special Edition DVD of SCIENCE CRAZED (1989)!