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Videonomicon Halloween Sale 2015

Videonomicon is having its Third Anniversary this Halloween! Celebrate with bundle deals and $6.66 flat rate shipping on all VHS!


For those of you in our home town of #YXE, on Monday August 31st, 2015 we’re unleashing our first two DVD releases a whole week before they get released to the general public! So not only will you get to grab them early, but you’ll also get to see them with a rowdy audience on the big screen at the Broadway Theatre!

Copperhead: The Snake Movie

Fear so terrifying it slithers!

Massive Retaliation

Massive Retaliation

Who Will Live? What Will They Do To Survive?

Out of Control

Out of Control

They were on the most exciting adventure of their lives. It would end up … Out of Control.

Ryan's Babe + Runaway Nightmare

This July Videonomicon is launching it’s first two limited-edition fully licensed VHS releases for sale!