Two from Lee Gordon Demarbre coming this Spring from Videonomicon!

Videonomicon is pleased to bring two Limited Edition VHS from Ottawa filmmaker Lee Gordon Demarbre this coming Spring 2015! Coming soon is VNR0004: JESUS CHRIST VAMPIRE HUNTER (2001) followed directly by VNR0005: THE COMPLETE HARRY KNUCKLES COLLECTION (1998-2004), which will feature all the Harry Knuckles short films plus the feature Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace on one 160+ minute VHS tape! All these were originally shot on 16mm and feature homages to the likes of Herschell Gordon Lewis, the Mexican Santo films, wrestling, DIY creatures & effects, and a whole whack of politically incorrect humour and sexual innuendo! What more could you ask for?

Both VHS will be limited to 75 copies each, will include a new video introduction by filmmaker Lee Gordon Demarbre, as well as brand new cover art from artists Cate Francis and Evan Vrinten! Stay tuned for more updates and full details in the next coming weeks!

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