Science Crazed (1989)

VNR0006: Science Crazed (1989)

Science Crazed (1989)

Release Number: VNR0006

Director: Ron Switzer

Runtime: 83 mins

Street Date: September 8th, 2015

Videonomicon proudly presents one of the Holy Grails of Canadian cult cinema – Ron Switzer’s what-the-fuck horror classic SCIENCE CRAZED! Modern technology and bizarre chemical engineering are to blame for the strange goings on at the renowned Shelley Institute, as well as for this movie. After Doctor Wilbur Frank is fired from performing dangerous experiments, the scientist injects one of his imprisoned female subjects with an untested human growth serum. Only hours later, the innocent woman dies violently, giving birth to a full grown human male. Almost human that is. With a frenzied urge to kill, the creature destroys the unfortunate Dr. Wilbur and runs amok in the maze of corridors and rooms of the institute. The local town cop, McCoy, joins forces with Wilbur’s assistants, Terry and Joan, and together the trio fights to survive the savage onslaught of the beast. In the end, they must hunt down and destroy what insanity has created and filmed. One well known critic has suggested that perhaps the world would be a better place if they hunted down and destroyed the original negative of this film. This camp spoof of horror/sci-fi movies will keep you laughing during those moments you aren’t cringing.

“You have never, ever seen anything like SCIENCE CRAZED. I promise you.”Doug Tilley, No-Budget Nightmares
  • Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies on black VHS!
  • Includes original home video trailer and new video interview with star Cameron Klein following the feature!
  • Includes liner notes from Hamilton Trash Cinema’s Ben Ruffett and Rewind This!’s Josh Johnson!
  • Features reversible cover artwork featuring the original TriWorld home video artwork and new cover artwork by Jon Vaughn!

Copyright 2014 Cameron Scholes | Distributed exclusively by Videonomicon

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