B.A. Johnston's Ham Ham (2019)

VNR0010: B.A. Johnston’s Ham Jam (2019)

B.A. Johnston’s Ham Jam (2019)

Release Number: VNR0010

Directors: Douglas Naylor & Chelsea McMillian

Runtime: 72 mins

Street Date: May 7th, 2019

Tired of people either openly mocking or trying to sugarcoat Hamilton to sell to Torontonians, B.A. Johnston somehow tricked a major cable provider into giving him money to tell the stories of the city he loves. IT’S HAM JAM!! Six tales from the Steel City guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and periodically check your phone for something more interesting.

Covering such hotbed topics as submarine sandwiches (a two parter), the video arcades of his youth, and Hamilton’s desperate love affair with waterfalls, it can be said without a doubt that you will get Nothing But the Hammer, Baby™.

  • Limited to 75 hand-numbered copies on black VHS with one randomly inserted Tiger Cats yellow and black VHS tape!
  • Includes liner card featuring a photo of the legendary Murph!

Copyright 2019 B.A. Johnston/Quiet Ghost | Distributed exclusively on VHS by Videonomicon


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