Red Letter Day (2019) Front Artwork

VNR0012: Red Letter Day (2019)

Red Letter Day (2019)

Release Number: VNR0012

Director: Cameron Macgowan

Runtime: 76 mins

Street Date: August 4th, 2020

Videonomicon invites you to visit Aspen Ridge, where the neighbours are trying to kill you!

Melanie Edwards (Dawn Van de Schoot), a recently divorced mother, moves to a new suburban sub-division with her two teenage kids (Kaeleb Zain Gartner and Hailey Foss) in hopes of starting anew. But before they even have time to settle in and meet their new neighbours they each receive a mysterious red envelope with a letter inside instructing them to kill the person pictured… or be killed themselves!

Co-starring Tiffany Helm (Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning), RED LETTER DAY is a bloody, darkly comedic stab at suburban life where no one, not even your closest neighbour, can be trusted and where sinister things lurk in broad daylight!

  • Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies on black VHS!
  • Reversible cover artwork!
  • Director-approved Pan & Scan version, exclusive to this release!
  • Includes Red Letter replica envelope & letter with liner notes from director Cameron Macgowan!

Copyright 2019 RLD Productions, Ltd. | Distributed exclusively on VHS by Videonomicon

Red Letter Day (2019) Front Artwork

Red Letter Day (2019) Front Artwork


Red Letter Day (2019) Reverse Artwork

Red Letter Day (2019) Reverse Artwork



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