VNR0001: Ryan’s Babe (2000)

Never before released! The limited edition VHS of Ray Ramayya’s RYAN’S BABE goes on sale soon! Special Edition DVD coming later this summer!


VNR0002: Runaway Nightmare (1982)

The limited edition VHS of Mike Cartel’s RUNAWAY NIGHTMARE goes on sale soon!

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Interview with Lunchmeat’s Josh Schafer

We talked to Josh Schafer, the main brain behind the VHS zine/blog Lunchmeat! Find out what exactly a Videovore is!

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Staff Picks Vol.2

After our interview with Josh Schafer, we let him pick his three favourites out of our current in-store rentals. Will you rent one or all of his Staff Picks?

Find Out What He Picked

Lunchmeat interviews Videonomicon

Lunchmeat spoke with Tyler and Jon of Videonomicon, and what we’re all about!

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What lurks in Dr. Jekyll’s dungeon?

Tyler dares to visit Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Darkness. Have you got the guts?

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Do you have what it takes to go to BusterBurger U?

Tyler takes a bite out of the 1986 cult comedy Hamburger: The Motion Picture. I sure hope you ordered it with cheese!

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Current In-Store Rentals

Check out our current in-store rentals for the months of February thru July!

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